tactical media website, 2015
together with Virág Bogyó, Orsolya Bajusz, PATENT Association
funded by Norway grants
original content actually accessible here

Nation-state-set regulations of access to unjudgemental information and services of reproductive health are still creating basic inequality primarily for women, unabling them to practice their bodily authonomy. Abortourism has been collecting and comparing relevant data in European context and arranged them behind fake tourist-offers to inform about reproductive health justice for wide audiences in Hungary. With legal advisory and information support of PATENT Association the tactical media campaign effectively served the mental and physical health of women in need for reproductive health services or products as visitors of the site, instead of being able to purchase ‘abortion vacations’, were directly connected to the association’s abortion help line.

on the front page of ‘Magyar Nemzet’ (Hungarian Nation, conservative newspaper) in print

Selected media coverage: