queer myco-taxonomy calendar series,
self-published since 2021

EMC is an art and science-communication publication that lures us towards new ways of intimacies through sensuous mushroom illustrations made by mycophile artists.
lt represents mushroom fruit bodies as ephemeral artworks of sexuality: while they are popping-up to forward the desire of creating something new they enchant their habitats into extravaganza exhibition sites. The calendar is a place of sensory cross-fertilization of vibrating fungal diversity and our possible ways of relating to ourselves and other bodies with care and curiosity.

EMC 2023 features the works of Róbert Békefi, Irene Cantero, Enikő Katalin Eged, Hódi Csilla, Maria Subczynska, Marie Lukácová, marotunkun, Poór Dorottya, Indre Simkute, Attila Stark, and Lina Walde and co-edited with Dorottya Poór.