a migrating practice-as-research site growing on human-mycelial kinship

Funga migrans is a novel movement tendency that various fungi show using the interest that humans express towards them. As fruitbodies of real fungi are creating a microclimate to further their spores by the energy of evaporation, more and more fungi lean onto the human excitement, care and exploitation to move their fungal information through the scattered habitats of the anthropocene.

Funga migrans is also a fungal biomimicry project, which is based on the hosting of a nomadic mycelium-based laboratory to multiply and celebrate co-creative, post-extractionist culturing practices – in quest of how thinking with non-human creatures could transform human sensitivity while growing a practice-as-research network. 

In practice it demonstrates a do-it-together culture lab incorporating all necessary tools, materials that enable mycelia to comfortably thrive and expand within and through the lab, as well as:
x it creates a cross-disciplinary playground myceliating communities, institutions and habitats
x it facilitates emerging exploration of joining researchers
x it organizes encounters, events and processes where research is happening and/or disseminating practically, poetically or materially with the presence of mycelia
x it publishes irregular ‘Lab Notes’ booklets in email and print, as well as present on suitable social media