Funga migrans (migrating mycelial lab) — curator, researcher

2023 Advanced Mycotaxonomy Course — Hungarian Mycology Society, Budapest
2021 MA in Choreography / New Performative Practices — UNIARTS, Stockholm
2012 MA in Visual Communication Design / Photography — MOME, Budapest

2021 – Erotic Mushroom Calendar (sensual science-communication publication) — curator link
2021 – Fair-y Circles (mushroom-learning network for food sovereignty and community agriculture) — organizer, educator link
2015 Beggar’s Yoga (public space access research through urban yoga practice) — performer link
2014 Abortourism (tactical media site on access to reproductive services in Europe) with Patent Association @
2012 – Non-Private Theater (community theater collective) — organizer, facilitator link
2011 – 2016 pr group (artist duo with Virág Bogyó) link

2023 Fungal fascinations (mycelial constellation game with tempeh cultivation excercise)
2023 Alchemia Lacus Pelso (fake-alchemy lab) @ Balatorium Menü, Salföld
2021 – Mycotrophia (drag orchid game sessions) @ Living project, Budapest, @ Balatorium Ecology Weekend, Örvényes with Boglárka Lutz and Dénes Türei, @ Explorations of now, Stockholm, @ New Performative Practices practice presentation @ Uniarts, Stockholm
2022 – How deep is your love (mycelial-somatic research workshop series) @ U500 Festival, Budapest, @ Ecofeminist Festival, Szeszgyár,
2018 (dinner-performance with Rhizophus oligosporus molds) @ Menü Imaginaire, Trafó Gallery, Budapest
2017 Kindness Department (participatory situation with Szilvia Hauer & oyster mushrooms) @ AIR Factory of Pneuma Szöv, OFF-Biennale, Budapest

2021 Matango Bar (fearful mushroom bar & audio installation) @ What do you eat when resources are limited? group exhibition, Culinary Institute of Europe, Budapest
2018 Miért éppen a laska? (installation with Róbert Békefi, Mihály Csizmár, Enikő Pusztai, Viktória Selmeczi and oyster mushrooms) @ Santopalato group exhibition, Studio Gallery, Budapest
2017 Work (photo series) @ Economize group exhibition, Ludwig Museum, Budapest @ Holiday group exhibition, OFF-Biennale, Patyolat, Budapest
2016 Till death Do Us Part (zin within pr group) @ Our Heart Is a Foreign Country group exhibition, Studio Gallery, Budapest
2015 Rainbow tours (video installation within pr group) @ Art has no alternative – An Archive of Artists in Action group exhibition,, Bratislava
2014 Liberagility (zin with Orsolya Bajusz & Virág Bogyó) @ Art Under a Dangerous Star: The Responsibility of Art group exhibition,, Budapest
2014 No Fear (hitchhiking burka intervention and installation) @ Freetime festival group exhibition with Csakoda collective, ICA, Dunaújváros
2013 By foot to the capital performance/installation @ Indíték Tématéka group exhibition, Labor gallery, Budapest
2012 P.Ö.Cs. – Practical Self-defence with Csilla (photo installation) @ MOME, Budapest, @ Ponton Gallery, Budapest
2011 Rainbow tours (video installation) @ FIKA – Young Contemporary Statements group exhibition), Bóbita Puppet Theatre, Pécs
2011 Obscene (research installation) @ Prostitution group exhibition, Demo Gallery, Budapest @ Expus/Exposed group exhibition, Bucharest

2015 (exhibition design and installation @ The survivor’s shadow exhibition with Virág Bogyó, Gyula Muskovics, Andrea Soós) for Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
2014 (exhibition design and installation with Dominika Trapp @ Open doors, Király Tamás 80) for Gyzla Muskovics, Andi Soós,, Budapest
2014 Engels von Erste (community building content design for link
2013 KÖZ-VETÍTÉS (performative installation within pr group) for, Bánkitó Festival, Hungary
2012 Liberagility (performative installation with Orsolya Bajusz & Virág Bogyó) for, Bánkitó Festival, Hungary link

2023 Urban Remedies @ Nettles and Poppies, Berlin
2023 Archivator Residency @ Terrapolis Garden and Table, Tarcal
2016 The Library of the Chosen Ones (research residency within pr group) @, Cluj link
2015 Till Death Do Us Part residency @ Lothringen 13 Florida, München (within pr group)
2013 I beg your Prague Skolska 28 Gallery, Prague (within pr group) link

2015 Till Death Do Us Part (digital & silkscreen print zin within pr group)
2015 Gili zines (digital print zine series with Emese Papp, Luca Pintér, Sára Szabó)
2013 – (auto-ethnographic research blog about the gentrificating VIII district of Budapest with Sarolta Kremmer, Dénes Türei) — editor
2011 What I want from myself (xerox zin within pr group)
2014 – articles on (in Hungarian) link